A Career in Home Healthcare

Home healthcare is one of today’s fastest-growing business sectors in the world – a multibillion-dollar industry that is expected to grow exponentially into the next decade, and provide unequaled opportunity for those wishing to establish a long and stable career.

Great Healthcare Has Come Home

Kindred at Home and our affiliates bring clinically advanced treatment to patients right where they live. Caring for more than a million patients every year gives us the opportunity to create best practices and develop them into industry-leading protocols and specialties. With our help, many patients are able to shorten their hospital stay, recover more quickly, and play a more active role in their own treatment.

Making a Difference

For clinicians, homecare provides a unique opportunity to fulfill the goals that initially led them to the healthcare profession. Providing care in the patient's home is a personal, one-on-one experience that’s quite different from more traditional healthcare settings. Allowing the clinician to focus on the specific needs of the patient without other distractions is something that everyone involved – patients, family members and the clinicians themselves – can really appreciate.

Who is an ideal home health clinician for Kindred at Home?
Someone who:

  • finds providing the personal attention to patients rewarding
  • enjoys working with a variety of diagnosis to help patients live a full life with more independence
  • finds reward in watching a patient’s health improve, knowing that they were a part of making that happen
  • enjoys one-on-one focused patient attention, and teaching patients about their diagnosis and symptoms
  • has strong clinical skills, including the ability to assess subtle changes with a patient
  • keeps accurate and timely charts/paperwork
  • has strong time management and organizational skills

The Right Team. The Right Path.

We value collaboration. That's why we apply a team concept to everything we do. Even when clinicians are treating patients one-on-one in their homes, they have the support and skill of their fellow clinicians, program directors and administrators.

With locations nationwide, Kindred at Home serves communities under the following names: Community Home Health, Wake Forest Baptist Health and Asian American Home Health.

At Kindred at Home, you will be part of a strong company and a strong team. If you are ready to take your career in a new direction, view our job opportunities.

    Featured Openings!
    • Baylor CAA - Orlando, FL
    • Cardio RN – Edina, MN
    • CFSS - Birmingham, AL
    • CFSS - Columbia, SC
    • CFSS - Jasper, AL
    • Clinical Manager – Rolla, MO
    • LPN – Columbia, MD
    • LPN – Decatur, GA
    • LPN – North KCMO
    • LPN – Rolla, MO
    • LPN -Tampa, FL
    • PRN RN – Lincoln, NE
    • PRN SLP - Marianna, FL
    • RN - Crestview, FL
    • RN – Decatur, GA
    • RN – Iowa City, IA
    • RN – Rolla, MO
    • RN - Winter Haven, FL
    • RN Admissions Nurse (CAA) – Pleasant Hill, CA
    • RN CAA – Edina, MN
    • RN Clinical Supervisor – Hickory, NC
    • RN Manager – Columbia, MD
    • RN Manager – Towson, MD
    • Baylor RN CAA – Monroe, NC - $7.5K Welcome Bonus
    • RN Admissions Nurse (CAA) – Emeryville, CA - $25K Sign On Bonus
    • RN Admissions Nurse (CAA) – Mesa, AZ - $5K Sign On Bonus
    • RN Clinical Supervisor - Shelby, NC - $5K Welcome Bonus

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